Is Womens Powerlifting Possible?

When one thinks about lifting weights and building muscles, the first image that comes to mind is a male figure performing the exercises and bulking up not womens powerlifting.

We see it everywhere – men are the stronger sex and unstoppable in terms of how strong they can get with strict training and discipline. But where does that leave the woman that wants to be strong too? Is womens powerlifting possible?

Dispelling The Myths

The main hormone that helps the body to build muscle is testosterone. Men do have a larger amount of this in their body, but women also have a small amount, contrary to popular thought.

Likewise, men have a little estrogen in their body – it’s just the proportions that separate men and women. With this knowledge, it becomes possible to think that womens powerlifting may be possible, even probable.

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Women are quite capable of building muscular strength with a well-planned womens powerlifting training program. While the muscles won’t grow bigger from a traditional strength training program, spending hours in the gym lifting weights will allow the muscles to break enough in order to build back up as larger muscles.

It’s Already Here

Womens powerlifting is quite possible and already becoming popular. With professional competitions and contests, women are finding that they can compete alongside other strong women in order to win titles and break power lifting records. All it takes is good training and a burning desire to jump into power lifting.

Just like men, womens powerlifting consists of three basic lifts: bench press, dead lift, and squat. With the lower center of gravity (and thus better balance), women are excelling in this sport.

Their bodies are designed to lift weight in this way. The lower bodies of women are designed to carry the weight of a child in the womb as well as when the child is young – leading the body to be perfect for power lifting.

So It’s No Problem For A Woman

This isn’t to say that womens powerlifting training is easy, just that it’s absolutely possible for the woman that wants to try it. Their training will consist of lower weight amounts at first and probably overall, but in terms of competition between various women, there is the probability of increasing the overall weight lifted to larger amounts.

Most women will find that their ability to increase their weight is dependent on gradual progress, so their training programs tend to be more long term.

Women power lifters generally have to build their weight amount more slowly than men at first, but can reach very high numbers. The trick is finding a person who will help in the training aspect of the power lifting process.

Because womens powerlifting is newer, some trainers aren’t well-versed in how to move the female body under extreme weights. This doesn’t mean that trainers don’t exist, but they can be difficult to find.

Womens powerlifting is increasing in popularity all over the globe and it’s no wonder with the advantages that women already have, why not try it for yourself?

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