Army Physical Exam

If you’re ready to join up, you need more than just the will to fight and die for the country, you need an Army physical exam. In order to be the best soldier for the Army, you will need to be in top physical condition and that means that you will need to pass the Army physical exam. But if you’re a little nervous that you might not pass, here are some tips to get you ready for that day.

What To Expect

The Army physical exam is done to test your body to see what kind of shape it is already in and to determine if it’s ready for the rigors and the stresses of the training program. Your blood pressure and heart rate will be tested as well as your muscular strength and endurance. You might also be given a general health test in the process. There are ways to prepare for all of these possibilities.

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Getting The Body In Shape To Get In Shape

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It might seem odd to work on getting your body in shape before starting a physical training program, but it’s necessary for the Army physical exam. You need to start off with re-teaching yourself about nutrition and how to take care of your body in order to support the new exercise program that you will need to start. By eating wholesome foods and avoiding junk foods and candies, you will allow your body to reduce any cholesterol problems as well as reduce your weight problems – if you have those concerns. Trying to get to sleep earlier and avoiding alcohol will also help your training as it will make sure that your body is in top condition.

But Now Comes The Exercise

When you’re getting ready for the Army physical exam, you will need to consider two different parts to your fitness program. For one, you will need a high aerobic capacity. This should be achieved through running as it’s usually a part of training camp as well as the exam. By slowly working up to running for an hour, you will ensure that you’re in the best shape for any sort of test of your heart or aerobic capacity.

You will also want to practice pushups, sit ups, and chin ups for your Army physical exam. These all work your muscle groups in order to show that you have the stamina to perform the basic tasks required of you. You can also include other strength training exercises to help your legs become stronger as well – this should also help your running. Try to increase the repetitions of each exercise every other day to see significant gains in your muscular stamina.

If you’ve prepared well for your Army physical exam, you can go into it confident that you will pass with flying colors. And the fact that you have worked hard to get yourself in shape will look great to your commanding officers. You’re certainly someone that the Army wants on their side.

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